The Best Fall Getaways In Los Angeles

Fall in Los Angeles consists of 85 degree weather with the occasional rainy night that switches right back into 85 degrees the following morning. I drove past someone in my neighborhood walking his dog in shorts and a t-shirt this morning, which is the perfect example of the Los Angeles life. And since Los AngelesContinue reading “The Best Fall Getaways In Los Angeles”

What I Brought For A One-Night Camping Trip

I’ve been camping since I was little. My parents taught me how to pitch a tent at a young age and I’ve never looked back. I used to spend a week every summer in the Santa Cruz Mountains camping at a campsite off of Summit Road, and I loved every minute of it. My boyfriendContinue reading “What I Brought For A One-Night Camping Trip”

Waimea Canyon Hike In Kauai

Hiking isn’t the first thing you usually think of when you think of Hawaii: you think of blue ocean as far as the eye can see, bottomless piƱa coladas, and snorkeling. All of those activities are totally valid, but it would be a travesty to go to Kauai without experiencing the hiking trails. The NapaliContinue reading “Waimea Canyon Hike In Kauai”