My Favorite Nespresso Capsules



There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pressing a button and having a cup of espresso appear before you. There’s nothing quite as rich and creamy as a Nespresso shot of espresso. And there’s nothing that reminds me more of Australia than Nespresso.

I studied abroad in Sydney during my senior year of college, and when my homestay mom got a Nespresso machine for her birthday and it was all lattes until you drop from there on out.

Nespresso reminds me of walking to the beach from my house with my friend Matty, doing the crossword puzzle with my homestay family every Saturday morning at their favorite local coffee shop, walking three miles to school every day, and of all of the beautifully kind Australians who I’m still friends with to this day. Australia has a special place in my heart (for the rest of my life) and Nespresso brings me closer to it.




The best thing about Nespresso is that you can make both a shot of coffee as well as a full cup of creamy coffee to take in your to-go cup as you run out the door. Press a button, stuff your belongings into your bag and your coffee is ready to go, saving your sanity on a daily basis.


Today I’m sharing my favorite capsules, because there’s so many and it can be overwhelming at first to pick which ones to use.  (Descriptions pulled directly from the Nespresso website)

Roma has a subtle balance between strength, finesse and fullness,  Roma  sets itself apart by its woody and roasted notes. Central and South American Arabicas combined with Robusta have been lightly roasted to preserve the delicate aroma of the blend.  Roma  is the ideal coffee for those looking for an Espresso that is both short and mild.

Arpeggio takes its distinctive character and full body from a blend of Central and South American Arabicas. The long roasting allows each aspect to develop into an intense bouquet, combining cocoa and roasted notes.

Capriccio is an Espresso with a balanced bouquet, a light acidity and a very characteristic cereal note. It is composed of Arabicas from South America including Brazil, in ideal proportions, and a touch of lightly roasted Robusta.

Livanto is a blend of Central and South American Arabicas is medium roast to bring out a round and very balanced bouquet. It evokes the scent of freshly toasted coffee escaping from the roaster: roasted and caramelised notes.

Ristretto combines the best South American Arabicas, from countries such as Colombia and Brazil, with great East African Arabicas, famous for their citrus aromas with a touch of Robusta for added zing. The slow split roasting of the beans creates a contrasting bouquet, bringing together subtle fruity and acid notes, with intensely roasted and chocolate ones.



Have you ever tried Nespresso coffee?

Tequila Sunrise


It is only April and it is basically already Summer here in Southern California. According to the person in front of me in line for eggs at the Farmer’s Market this morning, this weather means we are in for a brutal summer in Southern California. People are fervently dusting off their shorts and sandals to head to the beach and regretting that six pack of beer they drank last night.

Hot weather means cold beverages are pretty much a body part on Saturdays (at least in my house), and Tequila Sunrises are at the very front of the pack because they’re made with fresh orange juice and they are SO easy to make it’s slightly worrisome. I’m hosting a brunch for my friends soon and this is definitely on the menu.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a Tequila Sunrise recipe & reviewing my Williams Sonoma Dual Citrus Juicer!



Tequila is such an underrated alcohol. It is associated with getting hammered at a college sports bar and nothing makes me more upset. I am literally the last person you will ever find doing a tequila shot (seriously, once I slammed my finger in a door at a Mexican restaurant and they tried to give me a shot and I told them to put it in a margarita) and I love tequila. Tequila is my favorite alcohol because when you pair it with citrus, it transforms from the ugly duckling into beautiful swan. CAN WE ALL AGREE ON THIS?!? OKAY GREAT.



1.5 Oz Tequila


4 Oz Orange Juice

A couple splashes grenadine syrup


– Add ice to glass

– Add tequila & orange juice to glass

– Stir with spoon

– Drizzle grenadine syrup on top

Product Review: Williams Sonoma Dual Citrus Juicer


I used the Williams Sonoma Dual Citrus Juicer for this drink, and it only took me five minutes to get 2 cups of juice.

Overall: I love it. I would highly suggest for a budget friendly juicer that gets the job done! The measurements on the side are also super handy if you’re following a recipe that requires a specific amount.

Cleaning: Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, the whole shebang!

Thing To Note: It doesn’t filter out the pulp! If you don’t love pulp, then I would not recommend this product.

How It Would Be Better: I wish it had a lid once you finish juicing so I can just pop the lid on and put it in the fridge! Not a major pain because I just transfer it to another container to store.