The Pancake Recipe You Can Make In The Woods (& My Best Tips)!

Pancakes are my love language. I make pancakes at least every other weekend, if not every weekend. They are so easy to throw together and you really don’t need a lot of ingredients. Steven is lactose intolerant, so we usually make dairy-free pancakes, but if you’re interested in a great buttermilk pancake, this one isContinue reading “The Pancake Recipe You Can Make In The Woods (& My Best Tips)!”

My Favorite Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Between the hours of 9:00 – 9:30 in the morning Monday through Friday, there’s a 95% chance that you can find me on the Westbound 134 Freeway listening to a podcast and nursing a large mug of coffee. There is no better way to prepare for a day at work than listen to a podcast;Continue reading “My Favorite Podcasts To Listen To Right Now”

The Best Fall Getaways In Los Angeles

Fall in Los Angeles consists of 85 degree weather with the occasional rainy night that switches right back into 85 degrees the following morning. I drove past someone in my neighborhood walking his dog in shorts and a t-shirt this morning, which is the perfect example of the Los Angeles life. And since Los AngelesContinue reading “The Best Fall Getaways In Los Angeles”

What I Brought For A One-Night Camping Trip

I’ve been camping since I was little. My parents taught me how to pitch a tent at a young age and I’ve never looked back. I used to spend a week every summer in the Santa Cruz Mountains camping at a campsite off of Summit Road, and I loved every minute of it. My boyfriendContinue reading “What I Brought For A One-Night Camping Trip”

How Paying With Cash Changed My Financial Wellbeing

I’ve never necessarily been “bad” at finances. But that definitely doesn’t mean that I’ve been good at them. My motto was always to never spend more in a month than I earned that month. And hey, I did that. But I wasn’t saving. And I wasn’t actually aware of my purchases. I would just swipeContinue reading “How Paying With Cash Changed My Financial Wellbeing”

The Pots You Actually Need In Your Kitchen

Stocking your kitchen for the first time is, to put it bluntly, overwhelming. You’re standing in your first apartment out of college and how the heck are you supposed to know what you actually need? When you go to Target, they usually have pot ‘sets’ that you buy that include three sauté pans, two pots,Continue reading “The Pots You Actually Need In Your Kitchen”

Waimea Canyon Hike In Kauai

Hiking isn’t the first thing you usually think of when you think of Hawaii: you think of blue ocean as far as the eye can see, bottomless piña coladas, and snorkeling. All of those activities are totally valid, but it would be a travesty to go to Kauai without experiencing the hiking trails. The NapaliContinue reading “Waimea Canyon Hike In Kauai”

5 Things To Cut Out Of Your Budget

To be rip-the-bandaid-off honest, I’ve never paid too much attention to where my money goes or how much I spend each month. My rule has just always been: “never spend more than you make.” I’ve always paid off my credit card bills each month without late fees or overage interest rates and I keep enoughContinue reading “5 Things To Cut Out Of Your Budget”