It’s Election Day + Donuts!

Today is election day and I’m sitting here drinking a (now cold) cup of coffee and about to make donuts. By some twist of fate, I requested this week off from work without even thinking about how it was going to be election day this week. Like the rest of the country, the election has been an emotional and stressful time in my life. So today, I’ve decided to not watch the news coverage as it won’t affect who gets elected (and I honestly doubt we’ll have a winner by tonight). This election doesn’t just determine who gets to sit in the oval office for the next four years, it also determines the future rights of so many people. I voted (early) for Biden and I’m sure hoping the electoral college agrees.

Whenever I have free time (or if I’m trying to get my mind off something), I like to bake. This morning, I attempted and massively failed at a batch of croissant dough. So now I’m moving on to donut dough (using this recipe). Because who doesn’t want to eat a custard-filled sugar donut at a time like this!

In the event that you are also stress-baking today, here are some of my favorite places to source recipes from:

Wherever you are today, I hope you are staying sane amidst the chaos. Wish I was sitting across from you eating a donut with a coffee right now. XOXO, Sally.