Why I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions

You guys.. I haven’t blogged in so long. SO LONG.

Life gets ahead of me and I focus on the fact that everything I post needs to be perfect and helpful and life-changing and have perfect photography. But the truth is that life is a haphazard collection of spilled coffee and morning traffic and wishing that you-hadn’t-said-that-one-thing when you were mad. Today is January 9, smack in the middle of the time when everyone’s icebreaker question is “So what are your New Year’s resolutions?”.

And honestly besides an ambitious savings goal, and possibly running a half marathon, I don’t really have any drastic changes I want to make this year. I just want to be happier with what I have instead of dreaming about what life could be.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

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