The Best Fall Getaways In Los Angeles

Fall in Los Angeles consists of 85 degree weather with the occasional rainy night that switches right back into 85 degrees the following morning. I drove past someone in my neighborhood walking his dog in shorts and a t-shirt this morning, which is the perfect example of the Los Angeles life.

And since Los Angeles is so industrialized, you have to get out of town if you want to experience a true change in season. My boyfriend and I love to go to the Oak Glen area, which is about an hour and a half East of East Los Angeles. Today I’m going to share my two favorite farms that we always visit every year to get pumpkins and pick apples.

1) Greenspot Farm – Mentone, CA

This is the farm that you didn’t know you needed in your life. I found this farm last year by happenstance through a rogue Yelp search while we were driving through the area. And it’s a serious Southern California gold mine.

There is a massive pumpkin patch (the pumpkins are still on the vine), tractor rides, horses, goats, rabbits, games for kids, and basically anything else you could think of. It’s family-owned-and-operated and a great way to support a community farm rather than buying your pumpkins from the grocery store.

I bought three small pumpkins that I plan to make pumpkin puree out of. (Since I’m out of town on Halloween, I didn’t really see any value in getting larger pumpkins to carve.)

2) Los Rios Rancho – Oak Glen, CA

Last year Steven and I pressed our own apple cider at Los Rios Rancho and it was honestly so much fun. And delicious. We got a huge glass tub of our cider to take home with us! We went back this year, but headed straight for the U-Pick orchard this time.

This apple farm-turned family business is your one-stop shop for apple picking and cider-making in Oak Glen. They have cider presses that you can use, an adorable gift shop with rows and rows of apple butter, and a U-Pick orchard where you can gather a basket of hand-picked apples.

Disclaimer: This farm gets busy during the pre-Halloween season so if you hate crowds, this may not be the place for you. The parking is a bit of a pain in the mid-afternoon so I’d recommend arriving early!

What are your can’t-miss Fall adventures?

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