Easy Like Saturday Morning


I’m trying to figure out if there’s ever such a thing as life calming down. Does that exist? Lemme know if you figure it out.. I was house-sitting for a week and a half, and then I went to Big Bear Lake for three days for the 4th of July. Now I’m back at my house, just in time for 100+ degree weather.

Here’s a roundup of articles, items, and recipes I’ve discovered this week:

This Spicy Salmon Sushi Bowl is at the top of my list to make right now.

It’s the 25th Anniversary of The Sandlot! My boyfriend and I went to an outdoor screening of it last weekend.

This heat is brutal in Southern California. Refinery29 rounded up the best no-slip foundations.

Hellooooo Root Beer Baked Beans! Thanks Joy!

Did you know that Emma Watson has a Book Club? Her newest book is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.


Gin is my favorite liquor. And I’m about to make all 47 of these gin cocktails.

Something to ponder: Can Reading Make You Happier?

Happy weekend, friends!


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