I’ve Had The Time Of My Life Fighting Dragons With Taylor Swift


There’s certain people in life who understand you before they even know you. Their energy, their laugh, the way their pieces fit so perfectly into yours even through you lived your whole life without them. You can think of them, can’t you? Who are the people who you know you’re in this for life with?

Taylor Swift is one of those people for me. 



She opened up her Reputation World Tour in Glendale, Arizona two nights ago and I figured there is no better time than now to tell you why she’s my #1.

I flew to Los Angeles to see Taylor in concert for her Speak Now tour because she wasn’t playing in my area. My sister was going to UCLA so I stayed with her and she picked me up from the airport. For the concert, I was (obviously) dressed up in full costume (specifically as a Hershey Kiss as a pun on her song “The Last Kiss”) because her team goes around the audience every single night and picks people for a post-show meet & greet. I went by myself because all I really wanted was to be in the room, I didn’t care if I was sitting next to anybody or not.

During the middle of the show, there’s a moment when Taylor walks through the audience from the front to the back, giving out hugs to fans as she makes her way to the back stage. I was in the front row of the first level, so Taylor logistically would pass right by me. When Taylor walked by, she sadly passed by me and made her way to the next group of people, but then five seconds later, she turns around and looks at me, runs back, looks me in the eyes and says “I love you so much. Thank you for coming.” before running back up to finish her route.


That moment is why I support Taylor through the thick and the thin.

That moment is why no matter the years or the miles, Taylor is always worth the wait and the trip.

That moment is why Taylor is one of the most successful musicians of this generation.




Taylor, I’m so proud of you and so excited to see you in Pasadena next week at the Rose Bowl!

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