The Pots You Actually Need In Your Kitchen

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Stocking your kitchen for the first time is, to put it bluntly, overwhelming. You’re standing in your first apartment out of college and how the heck are you supposed to know what you actually need? When you go to Target, they usually have pot ‘sets’ that you buy that include three sauté pans, two pots, a weird mid-sized pan and another pan that you will literally never touch. So, what do you probably do? You buy it.

But in my opinion, it’s much smarter to invest in a couple nice pots/pans instead of buying the cheap sets from the convenience store. So here’s my personal recommendations for your necessary pot/pan investments:

A non-stick sauté pan. This is your go-to pan for scrambled eggs, sautéed veggies, heating up pasta sauce, etc. It’s your all-in-one dream maker. Feel free to get two sizes for different items, but for sure invest in a larger size one because it can handle anything and everything. Budget Friendly Sauté Pan // Higher Quality Sauté Pan

A large stock pot. This is your pasta pot. Everyone eats pasta. It’s just a fact of life. If you’re gluten-free, you probably eat gluten-free pasta. You need a pot that will hold up for a big family meal or just a weeknight pasta dinner at home. Truth be told, I got mine from the hallway of my old apartment complex next to a ‘FREE’ sign that someone had put outside their door. In general, I’d gravitate towards a stainless steel pot because it will distribute heat and last longer than a non-stick stock pot. Budget Friendly Stock Pot // Higher Quality Stock Pot

Cast Iron Skillet. Technically, you don’t need this and can get by with a sauté pan, but cast iron skillets are the best quality pans for meat and fish, and are super mulit-purpose. Think cornbread, carne asada nachos, and a roast chicken. Need I say more? And running at an affordable price point (I use a Lodge one from Target), it’s a great addition to your starter collection. Budget Friendly Cast Iron Skillet // Higher Quality Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re looking to expand your kitchen pots beyond that, I’d recommend a Dutch Oven, an All Clad Essential Pan, and a mid-sized stock pot.

How 2019 Will Be Different From 2018

Year after year, the beginning of a new year always holds a lofty list of expectations. Everyone is starting a new gym membership, cutting out sugar, or doing Dry January. It’s all or nothing. You get to the end of January and realize that you feel completely incompetent with your lack of accomplishing anything spectacular in thirty days.

To be fair, in the month of January, I did quit my job, travel through Europe, and then come back and start a new job in the span of thirty days. To say that was an exhausting month is nothing short of spot on.

But now I find myself at the end of February (woah time flies) without any grand life changes or anything to show for it. But I think I’m okay with that. 2018 was really busy and exhausting. I was working long hours and traveling on weekends and it pretty much felt like a blur. This year I don’t want to push myself past my limits. I want to know my limits and work within them.

And on that note, these are some things I’m going to focus on this year:

Stay Settled – I want to stay home more instead of doing a day trip that involves two hours each way in the car. I want to spend time with the people who I actually want to spend time with, instead of saying yes to every social obligation. I want to make dinner at home instead of going out to eat all the time. I just want to stay home more this year.

Learn To Bake Bread – Technically, I do know how to make bread. If you gave me flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil, I could cook a loaf of bread by the end of the day. But it’s not a great loaf of bread. I want to learn how to make great bread. Sourdough bread, nut bread, rye bread, sandwich bread, you name it! I have the book Flour Water Salt Yeast on my bookshelf and I’m going to do a deep dive into it soon.

Learn To Sail – This is a big one! Learning to sail has been on my list of things to do for a couple years now.  I used to sail a lot my with Dad when I was growing up, but I never personally trained or acquired deeper knowledge than how to tack and how to jive. I’m not sure if it’ll happen this year because the certification classes come at a hefty price point, but I definitely want to work towards it.

Explore Los Angeles Cuisine – Los Angeles has a booming restaurant scene, but I honestly have not cracked the surface of exploring it. Partially because it takes hours to drive across the city in traffic, and partially because I love my little town of Pasadena so much that I often stay here on weekends. I have pretty much been to every restaurant here, and go to the same places over and over again. I want to expand my horizons and find the great restaurants that are sprinkled all over the city map. Republique and Pizzaria Mozza are at the top of my list right now.


March starts in two days and I’m looking forward to a great rest of the year. Let’s all set achievable goals and conquer them 💪🏼💪🏼

Waimea Canyon Hike In Kauai


Hiking isn’t the first thing you usually think of when you think of Hawaii: you think of blue ocean as far as the eye can see, bottomless piña coladas, and snorkeling. All of those activities are totally valid, but it would be a travesty to go to Kauai without experiencing the hiking trails.

The Napali Coast on the North Shore hosts some of the best hikes in the entire world, and I would 100% recommend doing a day hike there if you have the time. But if you’re staying on the South Shore and looking for a more accessible and feasible hike, I’d recommend the hiking trails in Waimea Canyon.



My favorite hike we did was the Waimea Canyon Lookout Trail. The hike starts in Waimea Canyon State Park, up about five miles of windy roads. I’m pretty sure I got car sick every time we drove up it, tbh. The trail starts right after mile marker 14! You start the hike on a fire road and hike down to the trailhead. The hike is about 1.8 miles each way and takes about 2.5 – 3 hours roundtrip.

The hike leads you to the most incredible views of Waimea Canyon, at a clearing called the Kumuwela Lookout. I honestly had a do a double-take like ten times before I accepted that the views were real – they are INCREDIBLE.

Don’t turn around too early, because there is a trail at the end of the lookout that leads to Waipoo Falls. There’s a fork in the trail that leads you to two different sets of falls; turn to the right to go to the top of Waipoo Falls!


Happy travels!

5 Things To Cut Out Of Your Budget


To be completely, rip-the-bandaid-off, honest, I’ve never paid too much attention to where my money goes or how much I spend each month. My rule has just always been: “never spend more than you make.” I’ve always paid off my credit card bills each month without late fees or overage interest rates and I keep enough money in my account to pay rent on time each month, etc. Those are my basic living expenses and I have never thought to plan outside of those.

But recently while my boyfriend and I were on a long drive, he turned on a Dave Ramsey podcast and my whole world was turned upside-down. Dave was talking so bluntly about money and putting complicated processes into such simple terms. His podcast is mainly focused on debt and how to get out of debt, but at the core of it he talks about how to manage your money and how to plan for your future. *Cue the “OH RIGHT, I’M 26 AND SHOULD PROBABLY BE PLANNING FOR MY FUTURE” panic.*

So.. what’s the first step to plan out your finances? Well, it’s figuring out exactly what you’re spending money on each month. And how do you do that? Well, you literally go line-by-line through your credit card bills (A great Sunday afternoon activity!) and mark anything that was not a necessary purchase.


When I sat down and actually looked through my credit card purchases, I saw hoards of items that could have been money going into my savings account. I was spending $12 per month on Hulu, when I couldn’t even remember the last time I watched it. (I signed up for a membership after Netflix took How I Met Your Mother off of their service. Long live Ted Mosby!) Since then, I’ve gone through a budget cleanse and made an effort to be an intentional spender.

If you’re in the same boat as me and taking the steps towards becoming more in charge of your finances, here are five things that may be weighing down your bills each month:


There is a subscription for practically anything you could ever want: I have a wine subscription that delivers four new bottles of wine to my doorstep every month. But subscriptions add up fast. If you have five $10 subscriptions, that’s $50 a month. Go through your credit card statement and make sure you’re not still subscribed to something that you don’t ever use. Since they auto-renew, payments can slip under your radar if you’re not careful!

Coffee Shops

As a millennial who lives in Los Angeles, I can testify that people my age buy coffee almost every single day (or at least multiple times a week). And now that it’s pumpkin spice latte season at Starbucks, that number is probably doubling as I type this. And cashing in at $4 a cup, that credit card bill adds up fast. Coffee is such an easy thing to make at home before you leave for the day. It just takes the commitment of waking up earlier than usual to brew up your to-go cup.

Fitness Memberships

I am 150% guilty of spending too much money on fancy exercise studios. It comes with the territory when you live in the city that has the most boutique exercise studios per square mile *I literally just made that statistic up, but you get the point*. At its core, exercise is FREE: you can go for a run, walk your dog, do ten jumping jacks in front of your mirror, the possibilities are endless! If you’re running low on budget wiggle room, your fitness membership may be something you take off your plate until you’re in a more stable place to afford it.

Eating Out

There is nothing wrong with eating out – trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do! But eating out multiple times a week can add up, especially if you use Postmates or another service that charges delivery fees. You don’t need to cut this budget item out entirely, but maybe don’t splurge on a nice meal more than a few times a month, or actually drive to get your meal instead of ordering from an app.

Late Fees

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the worst feeling in the world is going to check the payment deadline on a bill and realizing it’s past due. Set up auto pay on all of your accounts to make sure you’re hitting deadlines and not paying any unnecessary fees. The sooner you can catch the late fees, the sooner those late fees can disappear!


Are YOU on top of your money? Do YOU have any advice to budget better?

5 Ways To Kick-Start Exercising


I’m writing this post mainly because this is something I’m really struggling with right now. I’m in a rut. My life has been so busy and (real talk) I’ve gained 5 pounds in the process. I’m not overweight per-say, but my physical fitness has declined.

My job is taxing. It’s exhausting, and during busy season, I barely have enough energy to make dinner for myself after work. To be blunt, getting a good night’s sleep is more important to me than waking up early to go to an exercise class. I’ve never stayed committed to a gym, so it’s hard to to find an exercise routine that I actually keep up.

When I need to start exercising again, I need to make it fresh or I’ll give up before I even finish lacing up my tennis shoes. So today I’m sharing 5 of my go-to way to start a new exercise routine.


Soul Cycle.

Real talk, I fucking love SoulCycle. It’s a company and a fitness organization that I wholeheartedly believe in. My first class was a beginner “learn the basics” class (they used to offer those) and I was 1000% sure I wasn’t going to make it through alive about halfway through. It was tough. It challenged muscles that hadn’t been used in a long time, maybe ever. But I loved it. And I still love it.

Sign up for a running race

When you have nothing to work towards, it’s easy to give up. Running is an amazing exercise because it’s free and you can do it anywhere. Sign up for a race, set a training plan for yourself (or find one online!), and get running.

Workout DVDs

Did anybody else used to watch The Biggest Loser and cry over the contestants’ body transformations? Just me? That show was everything. And if you’ve never purchased a Bob Harper workout DVD and had Bob yell at you through an entire workout, you have not lived. This one is my favorite.

Try exercises you’ve never tried before

Before I tried a spin class, I thought I would hate it. But it turned out to be my favorite kind of exercise class. I want to start swimming again soon, which is something that I used to do growing up.

YouTube Workouts

If you’ve never been exposed to the vast world of YouTubers and the YouTube community, I can change all of that. I used to work at a YouTube management network, actually. I can give a TED Talk about YouTubers. Anyways, there’s a lot of great fitness YouTubers who post free workouts on their YouTube pages. Some popular ones are Tone It Up, Blogilates, and Love Sweat Fitness.

What are some way you kick start your exercising? Are you in a rut right now?

Easy Like Saturday Morning


I’m trying to figure out if there’s ever such a thing as life calming down. Does that exist? Lemme know if you figure it out.. I was house-sitting for a week and a half, and then I went to Big Bear Lake for three days for the 4th of July. Now I’m back at my house, just in time for 100+ degree weather.

Here’s a roundup of articles, items, and recipes I’ve discovered this week:

This Spicy Salmon Sushi Bowl is at the top of my list to make right now.

It’s the 25th Anniversary of The Sandlot! My boyfriend and I went to an outdoor screening of it last weekend.

This heat is brutal in Southern California. Refinery29 rounded up the best no-slip foundations.

Hellooooo Root Beer Baked Beans! Thanks Joy!

Did you know that Emma Watson has a Book Club? Her newest book is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.


Gin is my favorite liquor. And I’m about to make all 47 of these gin cocktails.

Something to ponder: Can Reading Make You Happier?

Happy weekend, friends!


Find Your Happy


I want you to do something for me right now. Think about your life. Think about it as it stands right now in this very second. Who means the most to you? Do they know? Do you show it? What or where makes you happy? Do you do those things or go to those places often? Why or why not?

Hawaii is my happy place. It’s where my anxieties and struggles disappears as soon as I step off the airplane into the humid air. My eczema apparates to an alternate universe where that skin condition stresses me out. I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl and I’ve grown to adore this island paradise. I just got back from a week in Kauai and it was exactly the refresh I needed.



Madewell Skinny Overalls | White Shirt (Old) | Steve Madden Dina Sandal

I always take things back with me when I travel. The Nespresso machine sitting in my kitchen reminds me of Austraila. When I got home from Hawaii, I ordered the coffee maker that was in my family and I’s condo. It sounds weird, but having things like those around me bring me peace and calm in a world of chaos.



When you’re outside of the hustle and the bustle, you see clearer. You’re not stressed out about that big project or your upcoming performance review. You remember the things you love and the people you love. A reset in your life every now and then is so important, and it’s cruel that so many people don’t have the luxury of having one.

With that being said, I want to challenge you in something. Take a step back. Look at your life. What’s in it? Is there anything unhealthy or that brings you unhappiness? Once you identify that thing (if any), is there anything you can do to change it?

You are never the victim once you recognize the road block. Once you see the ROUGH ROAD AHEAD sign, you can change your course. You’re not destined to be tied to something that makes you miserable, and you don’t owe it to anybody to keep yourself in a situation that’s not healthy for you. This is your one life. You’re never going to live this day ever again. How are you going to spend it? And what can you do today that will give you brighter days ahead?


What’s your happy place?

My Favorite Nespresso Capsules



There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pressing a button and having a cup of espresso appear before you. There’s nothing quite as rich and creamy as a Nespresso shot of espresso. And there’s nothing that reminds me more of Australia than Nespresso.

I studied abroad in Sydney during my senior year of college, and when my homestay mom got a Nespresso machine for her birthday and it was all lattes until you drop from there on out.

Nespresso reminds me of walking to the beach from my house with my friend Matty, doing the crossword puzzle with my homestay family every Saturday morning at their favorite local coffee shop, walking three miles to school every day, and of all of the beautifully kind Australians who I’m still friends with to this day. Australia has a special place in my heart (for the rest of my life) and Nespresso brings me closer to it.




The best thing about Nespresso is that you can make both a shot of coffee as well as a full cup of creamy coffee to take in your to-go cup as you run out the door. Press a button, stuff your belongings into your bag and your coffee is ready to go, saving your sanity on a daily basis.


Today I’m sharing my favorite capsules, because there’s so many and it can be overwhelming at first to pick which ones to use.  (Descriptions pulled directly from the Nespresso website)

Roma has a subtle balance between strength, finesse and fullness,  Roma  sets itself apart by its woody and roasted notes. Central and South American Arabicas combined with Robusta have been lightly roasted to preserve the delicate aroma of the blend.  Roma  is the ideal coffee for those looking for an Espresso that is both short and mild.

Arpeggio takes its distinctive character and full body from a blend of Central and South American Arabicas. The long roasting allows each aspect to develop into an intense bouquet, combining cocoa and roasted notes.

Capriccio is an Espresso with a balanced bouquet, a light acidity and a very characteristic cereal note. It is composed of Arabicas from South America including Brazil, in ideal proportions, and a touch of lightly roasted Robusta.

Livanto is a blend of Central and South American Arabicas is medium roast to bring out a round and very balanced bouquet. It evokes the scent of freshly toasted coffee escaping from the roaster: roasted and caramelised notes.

Ristretto combines the best South American Arabicas, from countries such as Colombia and Brazil, with great East African Arabicas, famous for their citrus aromas with a touch of Robusta for added zing. The slow split roasting of the beans creates a contrasting bouquet, bringing together subtle fruity and acid notes, with intensely roasted and chocolate ones.



Have you ever tried Nespresso coffee?

Summer Bucket List


Summer is my favorite season because it means that I can dig the rompers out of my closet and pretty much forget about pants until Fall comes around. It’s when backyard barbecues become a way of life and it’s when you know that corn dogs at the state fair are in your immediate future. Makeup doesn’t really exist because it’s going to melt off anyways, and you’re guaranteed to jump in the ocean (…if you live in California…) at least seven times. ISN’T IT THE BEST?!?!

I’m already so excited about Summer that I should probably join a support group and make t-shirts. (If you would like one, please let me know your t-shirt size and I will plan accordingly).

Today I’m sharing my bucket list, and I’d love to know what yours is! 


1) Read the paper every Saturday: I get the Wall Street Journal delivered to my house every Saturday but they literally just stack up in my entry way because I never read them. The coffee shop I routinely went to read the paper closed down and honestly I’m still recovering from the heartbreak it caused. I mean, how could they? Did they not understand that that was the only place I could catch up on the news? And that a paper combined with a coffee in one hand and a blueberry muffin in the other hand is the only truly beautiful combination?

2) Go fishing: My coworker Melissa brought in some pocket fishing rods to the office yesterday and I got way to excited and started fake fishing in everyone’s offices. I’ve already asked my boss what a good weekend would be for me to take a three day weekend in July to go fishing. I am c-o-m-m-i-t-t-e-d.

3) Weekend in Big Bear: If you’re not from Southern California, you probably haven’t heard of Big Bear. No, it’s not a life-size Yogi Bear statue. (Nice guess tho!) It’s a lake-side town East of Los Angeles where city folk hoard to in the summers to get away from the wretched temperatures and grimy sidewalks. And do you know what Big Bear has? Fishing.

4) Camping in Yosemite: As a Northern California native, I can never forget about my one true love Yosemite. It’s the most accessible national park you’ll encounter and I’ve spent so many summer days hiking and camping in the valley.

5) Host backyard parties: Something I have come to realize this year is that I LOVE hosting people. I love planning appetizer menus and making name cards and setting up party games. It’s exhilarating to me. My backyard is a pretty good size, and I bought a barbecue on Amazon last month so basically I have everything I need to host Summer shin-digs.



6) Travel to another state: Southwest Airlines is my best friend. Their flights are cheap, their flight attendants are the sweetest, and their in-flight magazine is better than most regular grocery story magazines. I really want to do a weekend trip to Texas this Summer. I hear Austin is amazing (hot, but amazing) and I really want to visit.

7) Complete an ocean swim: I’m just putting this on the list for the meek chance that it actually happens. My ex’s best friend did one a couple of years ago and before then I really had no idea they existed in Southern California.

8) Scuba dive in Southern California: I finally went scuba diving again after three years in Hawaii. Now that I am confident that I remember how to dive, I want to join a dive club or something of the sort. But first I gotta get my own equipment….



Madewell Skinny Overalls | White Shirt (Old) | Steve Madden Dina Sandal

What are your plans this Summer? Let me know!

My Goals For The Year


It finally feels like the year is slowing down and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It also feels like summer-time here in California and I also couldn’t be more excited about it. The first three months of this year sped so fast that I couldn’t even drink enough coffee for me to remember anything that happened. Which is why I’m four months late sharing my goals for the year. I never really make specific New Year’s Resolutions like going to the gym every day or cutting out all sugar, because I know those are 100% not going to be kept. (I’m probably the only person in America who actually cancelled their gym membership in January.) Like I said, my life (aka my job) was super busy starting out the year and I really didn’t have time to workout.


Anthropologie Striped Eyelet Romper | Sam Edelman Sandals (old): Similar here & here | Milk Blur Liquid Matte Foundation (Shade Light) | LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm



So without further ado, here’s my goals for the year:

  1. Use My Scuba Diving Certification – I got scuba certified right after I graduated high school, and I have used it about four times since then. I really want to start putting it to practice more, since scuba diving is one of my favorite things in the whole world. When you’re underwater, literally nothing else matters but you and the fish!
  2. Travel On The Weekends – Traveling is always on my list, but I specifically want to travel more on weekends this year because I can’t always take a week off of work when it gets busy. There’s so many cute towns that are driving distance from Los Angeles that I want to explore!
  3. Read More – Anybody else have this on their list every single year and then never do it? I just found a new podcast called Young Adulting by the blogger over at The Stripe, and she and the cohost Becca have so many great book recommendations that I’ve added to my list!
  4. Learn To Cook Better – I only learned to cook two or three years ago, so I’m still a newbie! I love it and I love how there’s is always something new to learn about cooking. I really want to take classes (either online or in person) this year.
  5. Relax – RELAX. I JUST WANT TO RELAX MORE. Hold me to that, okay?


What were your goals for the year? Have you been keeping up with them?